Our Story

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Our Story

Pastor David and Peggy Talbert were Born Again at their home church, Calvary Temple of Denver in 1977 .  They were subsequently married  that same year.
The first indication that David was called into the ministry came in 1978.  A Church leader came to their home and just prior to her departure, they all gathered to pray.  The visitor, by inspiration of The Holy Spirit prayed in other tongues.  When she stopped, she turned to David and said “The Lord wants you to have Isaiah 61:1”
“The Spirit of The Lord God is upon me because He hath anointed me to preach good tidings unto the meek, He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captive and the opening of the prisons to them that are bound.” 
At that time that meant nothing to David; however, he looked up the scripture and determined to memorize it to see what the Lord would do with it, if  anything!
1980 – David began correspondence studies through Word of Faith Bible College out of Dallas Texas.  It was not feasible for David to go to Dallas as he had a wife, a daughter and another daughter on the way.  For the past 16 years David has continued faithfully in his studies by research, books, CD’s, online videos and spends hours a day in the presence of the Lord receiving encouragement and direction from the Lord.
1981 – David founded Freedom in the Word Ministries which evolved within a few months as a small church congregation.
1983 – The church dissolved and David went on staff with two other small church’s in the Denver Metro area until 1985.
Being discouraged at this point David and his family moved to upstate New York for five years.  During this time David and Peggy got out of fellowship with the Body of Christ.  They went through some tough times there so decided to come back home to the Denver area in 1990.
They returned to their home church, Calvary Temple of Denver and gradually got back into stronger fellowship with God.  However there was still something lacking and they were somewhat empty.
THEN…  2/2/02  a date not easily forgotten!  David was alone in the basement of their home working with some exercise equipment when suddenly he got an inspiration to start praying in the Spirit.  Almost immediately the room filled with the presence of God and David said he felt that it pressed in on him to where he wasn’t sure he could move, yet he had no desire to.
Suddenly an audible voice was heard on the inside or outside of David which to him sounded as though someone was in the room with him and said with authority, “YOU ARE NOT DOING WHAT YOU WERE CALLED TO DO!” 
David said that the power in those Words brought him to tears and he said “I know it, I know it!”  This experience changed David and Peggy’s lives forever.
Since then David and Peggy have been conducting various meetings in Bennett, where they reside, Aurora, Denver and Wheat Ridge, CO.
2009 –  David was invited to share the pulpit of another minister in the Wheat Ridge, CO area.  After ten months, the minister of the facility decided to cease holding the meetings.  Thinking that this gathering was to terminate, David announced his and Peggy’s departure.  Several people of the congregation were disappointed and asked if there was some way to continue meeting.
January 31, 2010  – As a result, we moved into a home in northwest Denver and met faithfully on Saturday nights for close to two and a half years.
Monday May 7, 2012 – David arose that morning with a strong perception in his spirit that he was to search for a facility that day.  Feeling a little overwhelmed, David pursued the search on the internet to find something applicable to what a small fellowship could handle in cost and  be conducive to the style of fellowship, worship and delivery of the Word of God the group was accustomed to.
Nothing seemed to come together except one site which David says he questioned it’s applicability yet he seemed to be drawn to it.
David made an appointment to look at it.  When he and Peggy walked into the facility they both had a witness that this was the place they were to meet!
Not only was it conducive for the Church, it was also connected by a parking lot with an independent living senior facility that David and Peggy had ministered in for 8 months the previous year until the previous Chaplin returned and took back over the meetings.  So our friends from that facility have been able to join us on Saturday nights as well and we praise the Lord for bringing this about.  This facility is in Wheat Ridge, CO.
Beginning with the first Sunday in June of 2013, we have moved the services to Sunday morning as Pastor David had been led to do.  We have had to say good bye to many of our Saturday night friends due to them attending other churches on Sunday mornings.
Yet have been so blessed to start our Sunday morning church with new friends from day one.  Praise the Lord for His goodness and faithfulness!

In the Spring of 2014, Pastor David perceived that we needed a more conducive facility, for when we became a Church on Sunday mornings, the Wheat Ridge facility had no space for us except a small back room.  So the search was on again.  We found another Community Center in Lakewood, Co in a large room upstairs which we nicked named the “upper room” and was meeting there for just under 2 years. 

March of 2016, Pastor David was instructed of the Lord to find a facility that we could meet in 7 days a week if we so desired, which was a step of faith going from renting a Community Center to leasing a larger store front facility and all the expenses that took.  In addition Pastor David was instructed to go on the radio.  

Pastor David never hesitated once he knew he had heard God.  We found two adjoining store fronts at 9883 & 9373 West Colfax Ave in Lakewood, Co.  Not only was it a step of faith to lease these for 3 years, we also had to do construction and renovation as well.  In addition a large sign had to be purchased out front.  However the provision was in the instruction of God and all went smoothly.  

From the outside it doesn’t look much like a church, however when you step inside that perception changes not to mention the presence of God that resides there as well.  We also started the radio ministry on KLVZ 810Am and 94.3FM at that time. 

April 2019, we signed a new lease on our facility and are rejoicing in all the new friends we have since we have moved there.  We meet on Sunday mornings, Friday nights and Wednesday mornings at 10:00am.  After 2 and a 1/2 years on radio, we have not seen any fruit, so Pastor David went to the Lord about it, in which Pastor David perceived that it was left up to him what to do.  Then the Board of Freedom in the Word Church met and discussed putting it on hold.  As of April 2019 we signed our new lease for the facility and signed off the radio.

We are rejoicing in what the Lord is doing in our services and are waiting with anticipation for the next thing that He will do!

October 8,2019, we purchased our Church Home and Property.  God fulfilled what He said to Pastor David in 2003, that He was going to give him a facility.  The amazing things that took place to accomplish this, is beyond descriptive. However, He is faithful to both his written Word and His spoken Word as well!  Our church is now located on the northside of Lakewood High School.  To God be all the Glory, for the Great Things He has done!